Cycling Training Programs

trainingprogramsIf you’re tired of rolling around aimlessly on your bike and feel like you would like to see some dramatic improvement, then listen up.

We’re a group of ex-professional cyclists with over 90 years of riding and racing at the highest levels.

Our mission is to give you the advice and guidance that is going to give you the maximum amount of improvement possible, but without necessarily having to ride more than you already do.

We’ve focused on developing training programs that are based on the same programs that have seen:

  • Selection for two Olympic Games
  • Three Commonwealth Games (3 medals)
  • Competition in Eight World Championships
  • 8 National titles
  • 18 National Records
  • 24 National Championship Medals
  • Competition in 24 World Cup Events
  • 15 years of Professional Racing


We’ve taken this experience and created programs for people of different abilities and time constraints to ensure that you’re riding like a champion even with these limitations.

When you become join MyCycling, you get unlimited access to all the different training programs we offer. So as you improve, you can simply switch up the program that suits where you are at, as well as where you plan to be in the future.

Think of it as investing in a lifetime of cycling training!

Here are the programs we have available now (with more being added):

  1. Beginners training program

    This is our 8 week beginners program to help you go from zero to hero as quickly and as painlessly as possible. This is a simple, yet effective program that focuses on getting you fit, while not overwhelming you. This is a stepping stone to our other programs.

  2. Traditional training programs

    These are our traditional, 12 week programs focusing on developing maximum form. These programs follow the 3 step process of building the systems of your body to ensure that you are riding to your potential. We’ve got several options depending on available training time. So if you want to have the best season of your life, this is where it begins.

  3. Rapid results training programs

    If you need to get fit fast, these are our 4 week intensive programs. Designed for maximum results in minimum time. Many times we don’t have a lot of time to form. These programs are a 4 week compression training schedule. By the of the training block, you’re going to be impressing your friends who’ll be wondering where the heck you found your form in only 4 weeks.

  4. Secrets sessions

    The two most common types improvements that cyclists want to make are that they either want to be able to climb better, or sprint faster. We’ve put together an assortment of sessions that we’ve either used in the past, or other professionals we know have used to see rapid improvements in these two area. All we ask is that you keep these form finding sessions a secret!

  5. Specific focus training programs

    We’ve several programs targeting specific training outcomes. In combination with the secret sessions, we have an accompanying 6 week climbing focused program, as well as a 6 week sprinting focused program. So if you’re looking to specifically improve either one of these skills, these programs (in combination with the secret sessions) are going to change your life.

  6. Century ride program

    Have you got to get yourself into shape for a century ride? This can be a challenging goal and it helps to have some knowledgeable guidance on how to prepare your body for a ride like this. Our century ride program will do just this.

We’ve also created a powerful online cycling training log that will allow you to track your improvement and keep you motivated!

We believe that if you follow our advice, you will ride faster as a result. If you don’t improve by at least 10% – 30% we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price. We guarantee it. In fact if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll refund you. We’re that confident in what we’re offering.

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